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Sigal: FDA Requires Support, Funds

June 27, 2011

An opinion piece by Ellen Sigal, the founder and chairwoman, of Friends of Cancer Research appears in today’s issue of Roll Call.

In addition to noting the successes of the U.S. Food & Drug Administration in approving new drugs for the treatment of cancer in recent years, the article (headed “Sigal: FDA Requires Support, Funds to Continue Research” states that:

A weakened and underfunded FDA will cause companies to take their research overseas, creating a loss in jobs and investment and threatening our standing as the global leader of science and innovation.

Most importantly, an underresourced agency will mean delays in getting potentially lifesaving treatments to patients battling disease and illness.

Friends of Cancer Research is a member of the Alliance for a Stronger FDA. This opinion piece should be read in conjunction with the recent article by Roberts et al., published in Health Affairs earlier this month.

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