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Alliance Supports Recent Senate Appropriations Bill

September 9, 2011

The Alliance for a Stronger FDA issued a media release on Wednesday night reflecting its appreciation for the Senate’s leadership on FDA funding.

The Senate Agriculture-FDA Appropriations Subcommittee’s statement about the FDA portion of the funding bill is given below:

Food and Drug Administration.  The FY 2012 bill provides $2.497 billion for the Food and Drug Administration, as compared to $2.447 billion in FY 2011, not including funding collected through user fees.  The Food and Drug Administration is the only non-security Agency to receive increased funding in this bill.  This funding level takes into consideration the federal government’s responsibilities to protect public health and safety, especially in the areas of food, drugs, medical devices and biologics.   An increase is provided the Food and Drug Administration to begin implementation of the recently passed Food Safety Modernization Act.

The full text of the Senate committee summary can be found if you click here.

In the last few years, a $50 million increase (+2%) might not have seemed like a lot, but, as the committee itself points out: FDA is the only non-security agency in the Agriculture funding bill that received any increase.

The Alliance will be working hard to convince the House (which proposed a $285 million cut in FDA funding) to accept the Senate funding level.

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