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Advocacy at a Glance

June 5, 2012

Advocacy at a Glance offers you the bullet point summary of current advocacy issues associated with the goals of the Alliance for a Stronger FDA.

Tomorrow morning at 10 a.m., the House Agriculture/FDA appropriations subcommittee will be marking up its FY 13 bill.

The subcommittee’s bottom line is as follows:

The FDA receives a total of almost $ 2.5 billion in discretionary funding in the bill, a cut of $16.3 million, or 0.7%, below last year’s level. Total funding for the FDA, including user fees, is $3.8 billion.

In response to a number of press inquiries, the Alliance provided the following information:

The Alliance for a Stronger FDA is still reviewing the materials released today by the House Agriculture/FDA appropriations subcommittee in anticipation of tomorrow morning’s 10 a.m. mark-up.

The House subcomittee’s position reflects a significant change from a year ago when it proposed a substantial cut in FDA funding. We express appreciation for Chairman Jack Kingston and Ranking Member Sam Farr for leading this re-evaluation of the importance of FDA and recognizing the need to fund FDA’s growing responsibilities. Their support is particularly notable because the House was working this year with a considerably lower aggregate spending level than the Senate.

Below is a preliminary draft chart put together by the Alliance that shows how various centers and programs fare under the proposed House subcommittee bill compared with the President’s request, the Senate mark, and prior years.

While a significant improvement from last year, we look forward to understanding better the Committee’s reasoning in cutting the Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research, as well as the apparent lack of funding for three of the Commissioner’s priorities: a China import initiative, funding to implement the Food Safety and Modernization Act, and purchasing scientific equipment to outfit the new biosciences building scheduled to open in FY 13. We also hope to receive more information about the impact of section 741, which rescinds unobligated FDA funds from prior years.

The Alliance expects to have further comment either tomorrow or Thursday.


House Subcommittee Appropriations Committee Mark for FY 13

Budget Authority Appropriations for FDA (does not include user fees)

Compared to FY 11, FY 12, the President’s Proposed FY 13 Request and the Senate FY 13 Mark-up 


Note: budget authority only, by center; no user fees

FY11 Final CR


FY 12 Final  FY 13President’s Request 2/13/12 FY 13Senate Approps Committee Mark4/26/12 FY 13House Approps SubcommitteeMark 6/6/12


$ 836 million $ 866 million $ 855 million $ 867 million $ 866 million

Human Drugs

$ 477 million $ 478 million $ 473 million $ 473 million $ 488 million


$ 212 million $ 212 million $ 210 million $ 210 million $ 195 million

Animal Drugs/Feed

$ 139 million $ 138 million $ 136 million $ 137 million $ 135 million

Devices & Radiological Health

$ 322 million $ 323 million $ 319 million $ 319 million $ 317 million

Natl. Ctr. For Toxicological Research

$ 61 million $ 60 million $ 59 million $ 59 million $ 59 million

HQ, Officer. of Commissioner & Other

$ 150 million $ 154 million $ 163 million $ 163 million $ 154 million

Rent & Facilities Cost

$ 250 million $ 266 million $ 297 million * $ 297 million $ 266 million

SUBTOTAL, Salaries and Expenses

$ 2.447 billion


$ 2.497 billion $ 2.512 billion $2.524 billion $2.481 billion(consistent w/House press release relative to FY 12 final)

Building and Facilities Repair

$ 10 million $ 9 million $ 5 million $ 5 million Not yet disclosed
All BA appropriationsTotal (no user fees) $2.457 billion  $ 2.507 billion  $ 2.517 billion  $2.529 billion Not yet disclosed

The last column — the House budget authority appropriations (BA) allocations by Center — are based on the assumption that user fees will be allocated to the centers in accordance with the President’s Request.

* The President’s budget request includes + $17 million to outfit the soon-to-be-completed biosciences building. The Senate allocation appears to include these monies and the House allocation appears not to. Chart does not include user fees.

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