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Information Alert: FY 14 FDA Numbers

January 14, 2014

Late yesterday evening, the appropriation committees released the details of their FY 14 agreement. While we will provide a more detailed report very soon, we wanted to get the key information out immediately.  The bottom line is that FDA has done very well, and we are deeply appreciative of the appropriators’ recognition of the resource needs at FDA.

The appropriators made two critical funding decisions:

  • First, FDA was provided $2.552 billion in discretionary funding, an increase of $91 million above the fiscal year 2013 enacted level. This fully restores FDA’s pre-sequester funding and actually increases FDA funding beyond its FY12 number (which was the last year before the sequester was implemented).
  • Second, in addition to these amounts, the bill provides $85 million to restore the loss of funds due to OMB’s sequester of FDA user fees.

Here is the FY 14 final (subject to Congressional approval) with the relevant comparisons.

Note that the restoration of the FY 13 user fees is crystal clear in the committee summary, somewhat less clear in the Joint Explanatory Statement and is not overtly contained in the actual legislative language. While we have no reason to doubt the summary, we will attempt to confirm details this week.

Ladd Wiley and Steven Grossman

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