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A Q&A About Expectations for FY 15

May 16, 2014

Q: Will the appropriations committees have additional funds to spend in FY 15?

A: No. Total discretionary spending — more than $1 trillion in FY 14 — is slated to grow by only $2 billion in FY 15. Further, certain programs, including some agricultural programs, will automatically cost more — because they have a mandatory component, are funded by formula, or for technical reasons. Thus, the appropriations committees will actually control less money in the aggregate than they did in FY 14.

Q: Are the appropriations committees going to follow the President’s FDA budget request?

A: We hope not. Most of the Administration’s request is based on new user fees, which the authorizing committees have shown no inclination to adopt. Beyond that, the Administration has proposed a $23 million increase in appropriated funding for food safety activities, although they are estimating about $15 million less from existing (current law) user fees than in FY 14, netting food safety only about $8 million. The Administration has said that implementation of FSMA requires more than $200 million. Medical products programs (excluding tobacco) would receive no net increase in appropriations across an incredibly vast set of responsibilities that are growing as a result of program mandates and globalization. Even the Administration’s proposal for $25 million to implement regulation of pharmacy compounding is coming from other program activities, not new monies.

Q: When the Senate and House committee marks become available, what are the FY 12, FY 13, and FY 14 baselines, with which to compare?

A: Here is a comparison chart. Note that in FY 14, the FDA regained all of the lost ground from sequester and posted about a 2% increase over FY 12. This is significantly better than most government programs did during this period.

Budget authority only, by center; no user fees

FY 12

FY 13 Actual 1
Post-rescission, post-sequester
FY 14 Final
$ 867 million
$797 million
$883 million
Human Drugs
$478 million
$438 million
$466 million
$212 million
$195 million
$211 million
Animal Drugs/Feed
$138 million
$126 million
$142 million
Devices & Radiological Health
$323 million
$296 million
$321 million
Natl. Ctr. for Toxicological Research
$60 million
$55 million
$62 million
HQ, Office of Commissioner & Other
$154 million
$160 million
$172 million
Rent & Facilities Cost
$266 million
$269 million
$295 million
SUBTOTAL, Salaries & Expenses
$2.497 billion
$2.335 billion
$2.552 billion
Building and Facilities Repair
$9 million
$5 million
$9 million
Food and Drug Safety Supplemental — No-Year
$46 million
All BA appropriations
Total (no user fees)
$2.506 billion
$2.386 billion
$2.561 billion
1 Reflects Congressionally approved reprogramming from CFSAN and DVM to fund the Office of Foods and Veterinary Medicine in the Office of the Commissioner.

Note: This week’s Analysis and Commentary was written by Steven Grossman, the deputy executive director of the Alliance for a Stronger FDA

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