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Senate Ag/FDA Subcommittee Marks Up FY 16 Appropriation Bill

July 15, 2015

On Tuesday afternoon this week, the Senate Ag/FDA appropriations subcommittee marked up its FY 16 bill. The top-line is a $40 million increase for FDA, about $10 million more than the House mark. The legislation includes a $45 million increase for food safety and a $5 million increase for medical product initiatives. There is presumably a $10 million offset to reconcile these numbers. It is unclear whether that was achieved by reducing Centers below their FY 15 level or by requiring administrative savings (as the House has done).

These numbers are based on summaries in press releases. When the full committee marks up the bill (scheduled for Thursday, July 16), we expect to receive the full bill text and the committee report. If this occurs, we will provide a more complete analysis as quickly as possible.

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