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Advocacy at a Glance

December 20, 2019

Friday Update on Thursday This Week. The Senate has just completed passage of the FY 20 appropriations bills that were passed earlier by the House. We wondered: why wait for Friday to deliver the FDA-specific portion of Thursday news? We will be off the next 2 weeks and return to regular schedule with the January 10 edition of the Friday Update.

FY 20 Appropriations: Headed to the President for His Signature.  Appropriators and leadership — House and Senate — were determined to finish current-year FY 20 appropriations bills before the calendar year ended (they had already missed the end of the fiscal year). The total was $1.4 trillion for discretionary programs and countless unrelated tax, mandatory and policy bills that were also added to the package. The 12 appropriations bills were ultimately divided into two minibus bills. Ag/FDA was in the domestic-oriented one, which passed the House 297-120 on Monday and the Senate 71-23 today (Thursday). The White House has said that the President will sign both minibus bills.

FDA Increased Again; This Year by 3%. After 2 years of very large increases, FDA was able to sustain momentum and achieve a 3% or $91 million increase over FY 19. The increase included $48.9 million more for medical product programs and $31.5 million for food safety programs. A third component, $12.1 million, was added to pay for infrastructure improvements at White Oak and other rented facilities. The Alliance’s analysis of the FY 20 FDA appropriation is here.

The Alliance Thanks the Many Appropriators Who Championed FDA’s Resources.  The Alliance thanks the House and Senate Appropriations Committees — Members and staff — for their continued commitment to FDA and its resource needs. They share our belief that FDA’s growing responsibilities require a budget that grows. More on this and aspects of the larger FDA funding bill are contained in this week’s Analysis and Commentary.

Medical Product Increases Allocated (~$48.9 million): $7 million for medical countermeasures; $10 million for pathogen reduction in the blood supply; $1 million for lab safety; $9 million for compounding; $4 million for medical device safety/cyber security; $2 million for medtech manufacturing; $1.9 million for generic drugs; $8 million for opioids; $5 million for rare cancer therapeutics; and $1 million for the pediatric device consortium. Outside of the BA appropriation: FDA will again receive $75 million to implement programs established under the 21st Century Cures Act.

Food Safety Increases Allocated (~$31.5 million): $5 million for innovation and emerging technology; $7 million for advancing FSMA; $8 million for strengthening response to foodborne outbreaks; $3 million for dietary supplements; $5 million for imported seafood safety; $2 million for CBD activities; $500,000 for antimicrobial monitoring system; $1 million for standards of identity. Separate from the BA appropriation: FDA will receive $20 million of “no-year” monies for equipment and facilities used for FDA seafood safety activities. This will expand research labs and address deferred maintenance.

Friday Update is Off For the Holidays; Next Issue will be January 10. Friday Update will not publish the next 2 weeks and will return to its regular weekly schedule on January 10. Between now and then, Alliance staff will be working. If you have questions or we can be of assistance, just let us know.

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