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Alliance Statement on Confirmation of HHS Secretary Becerra

March 19, 2021

Yesterday, the Alliance for a Stronger FDA congratulated Secretary Becerra on his confirmation and urged him to swiftly nominate and seek prompt confirmation of a permanent Commissioner to lead the FDA. The Alliance praised FDA’s current leadership, while stressing the need for a confirmed Commissioner who can stand behind long-term commitments to the President, the Secretary, Congress, and the American people. In similar situations in 2009 and 2017, the Alliance urged President Obama and President Trump to make swift appointments of a permanent Commissioner. The Alliance has never endorsed any specific candidates to run the agency.

FDA’s leadership has never been more essential than today, as we face the challenges posed by COVID-19 as well as constantly accelerating developments in science, technology, innovation, and social trends,

said Ronald J. Bartek, Alliance President and President of the Friedreich’s Ataxia Research Alliance.

FDA needs a Senate-confirmed leader during these difficult and rapidly changing times. Accordingly, the Alliance for a Stronger FDA urges the new Administration and Secretary Becerra to nominate an FDA commissioner swiftly.

The Alliance for a Stronger FDA is a non-profit advocacy organization whose mission is to ensure the FDA has the budget authority and staffing essential to meeting its critical role in our society.  We are also a leader in educating policymakers and the public about the broad mission and responsibilities of the agency. Our 150 members — representing the entire FDA stakeholder community — share a common commitment to science-based decision making at FDA and the importance of FDA being the regulatory “gold standard” for the American people and the world.

Our letter to Secretary Becerra can be found here.

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