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Media Release: January 27, 2011


New Alliance Leadership Brings Legislative, Regulatory, Advocacy Expertise and Renewed Dedication to Increasing FDA Appropriations Despite a Tough Environment

WASHINGTON, D.C., January 27, 2011 –- The Alliance for a Stronger FDA today announced the organization’s leadership team for 2011.  The new President, selected by the Board of Directors, is Nancy Bradish Myers, JD, President of Catalyst Healthcare Consulting, Inc. Myers has served as Vice President of the Alliance for the past year and was one of the founders of the Alliance.

Other members of the Alliance’s leadership team for 2010 include: Margaret Anderson, Executive Director of FasterCures, as Vice President; Caroline Smith DeWaal, Director of Food Safety for the Center for Science in the Public Interest, as Treasurer; and Richard Buckley, VP, Government Affairs for AstraZeneca, as Secretary. In addition, Diane Dorman of the National Organization for Rare Disorders and Andrew Emmett of BIO will serve as ad hoc members of the Executive Committee.

“Nancy Myers brings passion, as well as a strong legislative and regulatory background, to the vital task of increasing FDA’s appropriations,” said Wayne Pines, outgoing President of the Alliance and a member of the group’s Executive Committee. “Our members have confidence that her leadership will keep FDA’s funding needs in the forefront of policy discussions, even in this tough budget-cutting environment.”

“I am pleased that Margaret Anderson has agreed to be Vice President of the Alliance and my eventual successor as President,” said Nancy Myers. “She is well-known for her commitment to our cause, her strong advocacy skills, and her experience bringing stakeholders together to achieve public health goals.”

Ms. Myers added: “FDA has received substantial increases over the last three appropriations cycles, but has not overcome decades of budgetary neglect. FDA has finally gained some momentum; any backward movement on FDA funding threatens the public health and safety of Americans.”

The Alliance’s 180 (and growing) membership is comprised of consumer, patient, professional and research groups, companies, trade associations, and individuals who support increased appropriated funding for FDA.  The Alliance is the only multi-stakeholder group that advocates for increasing resources at FDA to match the agency’s responsibilities.

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