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Alliance Growth a Priority for 2010

“The credibility of the Alliance depends upon the breadth of its membership.”

Since its formation in late 2007, the Alliance has gradually grown in size and stature. With that growth has come success in advocating for a 50% increase in appropriations to support the mission of the FDA — from $1.57 billion in FY 07 to $2.35 billion for FY 10.

But the FDA’s annual appropriation needs to grow much further, and for FY 11 the Alliance is seeking an additional $500 million in funding for the agency.

To achieve this goal, we need to show that the Alliance has the fullest possible backing of those affected by the agency’s activities. So we are calling on our current members to help us by:

  • Increasing Alliance membership to at least 250 members by September 30, 2010.

To achieve this objective, we need our current members to step up to the plate in three ways:

  • Tell all your health industry colleagues and competitors, in your day-to-day conversations, why THEY should join and support the goals of the Alliance.
  • Identify at least one specific company, trade group, firm, or not-for-profit that is not a current member of the Alliance and persuade them to join you as an Alliance member.
  • Find an hour each quarter to “blast e-mail” a message to your contacts stressing the value of joining the Alliance. (You can click here to download suggested messages to e-mail out to your contacts.)

Of course if every current member of the Alliance successfully recruited just one other new member of the Alliance in 2010, then by year’s end Alliance membership would grow to more than 350, and the message to Congress (and to the FDA itself) would be as clear as day. So …

Let’s all take up this challenge. We each know someone at another company or organization who will understand the value of membership in the Alliance. Send that e-mail. Pick up that phone. Make the commitment as early as you can.