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Why Should YOU Join the Alliance?


The Alliance for a Stronger FDA is the only organization exclusively dedicated to

  • Assuring that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (the FDA) has sufficient resources to protect patients and consumers
  • Maintaining public confidence and trust in the FDA

You, your company, or your organization should become a member of the Alliance if:

  • You understand the critical public health mission of the FDA
  • You believe that a strong FDA is good for America
  • You realize that the FDA is underfunded compared to other key government agencies
  • You recognize that the responsibilities of the FDA are increasing faster than the financial resources required to meet those responsibilities
  • You appreciate the importance of maintaining and building public trust in the FDA as one of the world’s leading public health agencies

To download an Alliance membership application form, just click here.

You may represent a trade association whose members are affected by the FDA’s activities, a public or privately held company whose products and/or services are regulated by the FDA, a consumer or patient-interest group, a specialized legal or consulting firm with interests in the FDA’s activities. You may simply be an individual with a strong personal belief in the need for an effective and efficient FDA. Or you may be a former FDA employee* with a deep appreciation of the activities of the agency.

Whatever your background or your reason, by becoming a member of the Alliance, you can help and support the development of a stronger, more effective FDA, in the long-term interests of the public health and public trust in the products we eat and drink, the medicines we may need to take to maintain health, and the medical devices and diagnostic services used by professionals.

Click here to review the categories of membership and get details about annual membership fees. Study the events and activities page to understand the opportunities open to members. Glance through recent Alliance Updates to get a quick overview of what the Alliance has got going on today. Or just contact a staff member to get the ball rolling.

*Please note that current employees of the FDA can not be accepted as individual members of the Alliance.